The Myanmar Military Does Not Want Muslims To Join Opposition Army

Myanmar’s military warned Muslim village leaders in Kyauktaw Township, Rakhine State, not to complain to the Arakan Army and its political wing, the United League of Arakan.
AA forces and Myanmar’s military fought for almost three years, with the military suffering heavy casualties and leaving hundreds of thousands of civilians displaced. However, the fighting ceased in November 2020.
Since the Feb. 1 coup, the AA has asserted its control over much of Rakhine State, appointed political affairs officers, and begun making administrative decisions. Since then, it has taken over judicial decisions.
According to a village leader who asked not to be identified, the commander of the military’s Light Infantry Battalion 375 summoned administrators and community representatives from five villages to its headquarters on September 6 and told them not to complain to the AA.
We were told to file complaints with the police or general administrative departments, not the AA. “If they couldn’t help, they told us to contact the military,” he said.
According to the village leader, the commander of the battalion and the commander of Military Operations Command 9, based in Kyauktaw, attended the meeting. They were told that the AA is not a legitimate government.
Major General Twan Myat Naing of the AA recently told an overseas media group that the group is seeking legal advice about exerting executive and judicial control in Rakhine State. According to him, Muslim villages will also be administered.
Kyauktaw’s Muslim villagers said their representatives deal with administrative issues, since the police do not investigate crimes.

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