Thai Crime: Missing Baby Found In Cave, Supposed Sacrifice To Spirits

Several new developments have arisen in the strange case of Nong Gina, the 2-year-old girl abducted by a Burmese man who claimed he left her in a cave as a sacrifice to nature spirits. According to a report, the Mirror Foundation suspected more sinister trafficking reasons for the abduction, and police have now taken three people into custody for questioning in connection with the case.
Mae Taeng Police, in collaboration with the Chiang Mai Provincial Police Bureau and the Provincial Police Region 5, have taken one woman and two men into custody, and investigators are focusing on a suspected child trafficking ring involved in Nong Gina’s abduction.
Searches on foot, dogs, and drones led rescuers to the cave 3 km from the village where the baby had been abandoned as a sacrifice to the forest and mountain spirits. Nanong Gina disappeared from her home on Sunday evening.
Rescuers found the baby in a hut near the cave, which they had already searched the day before. Though Nong Gina suffered from exhaustion, minor cuts and insect bites, she appeared otherwise unharmed because mental health specialists are helping her cope.
According to the Mirror Foundation’s Missing Persons Information Centre, the majority of abductions are either due to family disputes, or sexual abuse, trafficking, and exploitation, and that there have never been cases of child abductions committed as an act of sacrifice to spirits.
Currently, police are following similar suspicions, saying that they think Nong Gina was a targeted victim of a trafficking network and that the suspect did not act alone. They suspect that the baby was brought to the cave and then stowed there as the first step in trafficking her.
Sources say police will work with social workers to interview Nong Gina’s brother who says he was there during the abduction, in an effort to shed more light on the case.

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