Thai FDA Considers Approving COVID-19 Vaccine For 3 Years-Old And Up

Thai Food and Drug Administration said it will consider a request from Sinopharm’s local representatives in Thailand to use their vaccine for children ages 3 and older. Biogenie Tech Co distributes the Sinopharm vaccine in Thailand and has requested permission to lower the age group for which the vaccine is approved, from 18 years old to children aged 3 and older.
Deputy Secretary-General of the FDA says their committee is considering the request and whether the vaccine is effective and safe enough to lower the age limit. They promise to confirm or deny the request within 30 days. With both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, the youngest age for vaccination is currently 12 years old.
Pfizer plans to start inoculating 4 million students with vaccines next month to make classroom learning a safe possibility sooner rather than later. 50,000 students are being signed up for Sinopharm vaccines as a result of Chulabhorn Royal Academy’s opening.
Educational institutions can request vaccines for their students on the application, with the goal of getting them vaccinated as fast as possible, in hope of building immunity in schools as students return to in-person learning.
Starting on September 20, 2021, the academy will announce the inoculation schedule after registration opens.


I am still sick and I am probably going to the hospital today.

It is still raining in Ubon. Bring umbrella if you come to Ubon.

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