Thai Crime: 3 Russians Arrested For Alleged Art Theft in Pattaya in 2020

Three Russians have been arrested for allegedly stealing a painting valued at 50 million baht from a Swiss citizen. Additionally, they were charged with assault. In 2020, there was an alleged theft in Pattaya. Today, they were arrested in Phuket.
The alleged crimes occurred in November of 2020 in tambon Na Chom Thien. The Pattaya Court had approved the arrest warrant. The warrant listed four Russian nationals: 51-year-old Olek Tarakhnov, 19-year-old Alek Sie, 33-year-old Maxim Sukharev, and 33-year-old Alena Zakharova. Pantana Nuchanart, Chief of the Investigation Officer of the Immigration Police Bureau, says the charges were filed against the suspect at the Na Chom Thien police station in Pattaya.
The suspects allegedly beat a Swiss man, then stole his painting. After being released on bail, the suspects were arrested but absconded. The immigration police later discovered the suspects were in Phuket, so they obtained warrants to arrest them.
Olek and Alena were arrested at Grace Gardens housing estate, where they were renting a luxury residence for 50,000 baht a month. Maxim was arrested on the Habitown estate. According to the police, Alek has left the country. Since then, the suspects have been taken to Phuket’s immigration office for questioning. The couple has denied the assault charge and claims they bought the painting.
The suspects will be transferred to Chon Buri for further legal proceedings.

Lesson: Lesson: If you are a fugitive in Thailand or anywhere, it is probably not a good idea to rent an apartment.

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