Thai Bits and Crime: You Will Need Proof of Vaccination Or Negative Result On COVID0-19 Test To Eat In Dark Red Restaurants, 25 People In Chaing Mai Drink Alcohol In Restaurant And Get Arrested

Can’t Drink Alcohol In Thai Bar Or Restaurants Without Proof In Dark Red Provinces

Restaurants within the “dark red” zones will require proof of vaccination, or a negative antigen test result, starting on October 1, 2021. According to the Bangkok Post, the negative test result must be no older than a week old, and people who have had Covid-19 must show medical records proving they are healthy.
According to Suwannachai Wattanayingcharoenchai from the Health Department, the rule was introduced to allow businesses to re-open during a pandemic. Using the government app, “Thai Save Thai”, customers will be required to provide information on their infection risk prior to entering a restaurant as part of the measures. People entering barbershops and hair salons, as well as spas and beauty treatment centers, are also subject to the measure.
Additionally, business operators will be required to adhere to strict regulations, including ensuring all staff is fully vaccinated, observing social distancing measures, and being screened weekly for the virus. Every 1 – 2 hours, each premise must also disinfect common surfaces and those that are touched frequently. Furthermore, businesses must be properly ventilated and air-conditioning units must have high-efficiency particulate air filters.

Thai Crime: 25 People Arrested At Chiang Mail Restaurant For Drinking Alcohol In Restaurant

Chiang Mai, a northern Thai province, was raided yesterday and 24 people, including the bar owner, were arrested for allegedly gathering to drink alcoholic beverages, a violation of the emergency decree.
Police say the 25 suspects were seen drinking alcohol and dancing to a band playing at a bar. In addition, police say the suspects disregarded provincial control measures by not wearing face masks or avoiding eye contact.
25 suspects were taken to Chang Puak Police Station for further legal proceedings. The 24 bar patrons are currently charged with violating the order of the Chiang Mai Communicable Disease Committee, which prohibits the consumption of alcohol. By allegedly allowing customers to consume alcoholic beverages at his bar, the bar owner violated the provincial order. Media outlets did not identify the bar.
In Thai establishments, alcohol consumption is still largely prohibited as the government has yet to reopen bars, and restaurants are also prohibited from selling alcohol.

Note: Chiang Mai is the second-largest city in Thailand.

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