The Thai PM Is Criticised For COVID-19 Policy As Well As Allegedly Bribing Colleagues To Keep His Job During 3-Day Censure Debate

The PM Prayut Chan-o-cha responded to charges that he had bribed MPs to vote in his favor at the end of the censure debate in Parliament on the third day of the debate. PM Prayut, according to Pheu Thai MP Visarn Techateerawat, met privately with a group of MPs on the third floor of the parliament building, during which he allegedly distributed 5 million baht payments to each MP to bolster their support.
In the hearing, MP Visarn derided the actions of the prime minister with a vitriolic outburst, “It’s outrageous! What corruption! MPs are receiving five million baht each from him just because he wants to remain in his position. Can this be done in Thailand?”
Several Palang Pracharat MPs requested that the House Speaker order MP Visarn to retract his claims of bribes, but the Speaker said that PM Prayut has been implicated and will have the chance to respond.
Members of Phu Thai requested that all CCTV footage from the third floor be obtained immediately in order to witness what happened. An MP stated that he heard rumors that someone attempted to tamper with the CCTV system in order to hide the footage.
PM Prayut insists that the meeting was merely a visit from supportive MPs to offer words of encouragement and was not accompanied by bribes. He said that he would not be stupid enough to get caught in a scandal like a snack bag incident in 2008.
An attorney representing Thaksin Shinawatra gave a paper bag containing cookies to a court official, which later turned out to contain 2 million baht in 1,000-baht notes. The lawyer claimed that he just confused the bags.
Over the course of the censure debate, PM Prayut and other cabinet members defended themselves against accusations regarding embezzlement from Covid-19 funds, failing to join the COVAX program, and their general bumbling of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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