Thai Cabinet Approves More COVID-19 Relief

According to a government spokesman, the cabinet approved a further 44.3 billion baht in relief measures as the country struggles to control the worst Covid-19 outbreak to date.
Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana said a briefing that the support will be for those affected by tough restrictions in 29 high-risk provinces, including Bangkok.
Thanakorn said the money was in addition to the previous relief package of 33.47 billion baht approved by the cabinet on August 10, 2021.
An increase in funds would benefit more than 9 million workers in 29 maximum-risk (dark red) provinces registered under Sections 39 and 40 of the Social Security Act, he said.
In an Aug 10 estimate, there were 6.7 million workers in need of assistance.
There are approximately 1.43 million eligible workers under Section 39 and about 8 million under Section 40. They will each receive 5,000 baht in cash, he said.
A worker covered by Section 39 of the Social Security Act is someone who previously paid contributions for at least 12 months under Section 33 and who, when they lost that status – either through retirement or termination of employment – continued to pay contributions to the fund.
A company wishing to retain its social security membership under Section 39 of the Social Security Act is one whose employees retire or become unemployed while they are still members under Section 33.
Workers under Section 40 are those who are not considered employees under Section 33 but have applied for social security insurance under the Act, while workers under Section 33 are insured company employees between the ages of 15 and 60 who are still working.

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