Thai Mystery: Friends Spend 8 Days Looking For Their Friend After Motorcycle Accident

The discovery of a man’s body after a motorbike accident was made even more tragic by the fact that police originally thought the victim had survived the accident but was trapped under his heavy motorbike and obscured by tall grass just meters from a busy road.
The Onong Kham Police in Si Racha was notified this week after friends searching for missing friends found his body, believed to have been dead for 8 days.TBueng Subdistrict, the same road where a recent motorbike crash victim was thought to be dead but was actually drunk and sleeping.
In Rayong, a 40-year-old man drove an 800cc “big bike”. During the week beginning August 18, his friends were unable to contact him and worried about his well-being. When they checked, he wasn’t at home. They then called local hospitals to see if he had been hospitalized for an accident or health condition, but no one could find him.
In search of clues, the friends traced his usual commute route from his job to his house. At the curve in the road, they noticed flattened grass and signs that something had run off the road. They were shocked to find their friend’s body under his motorbike when they wandered into the tall grass to investigate further.
The cyclist lost control of his bike and crashed into the grassy, wooded area just a few meters from the road, where he was injured but not killed. Due to his position and condition, he was unable to move his motorbike over his body and was trapped until he died.
He remained there for over a week before his friends found him. This week, his friends and family will lay his body to rest.

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