New Thai Survey Says Thais Think Partial COVID-19 Lockdown Is Not Working

According to a survey by the National Institute of Development Administration, most respondents believe the partial lockdown to curb Covid’s spread has been ineffective. NIDA surveyed 1,312 adults ages 18 and older by phone between August 23 and August 26. They had different educational levels, vocations, and resided all over the country.
65% of respondents said the lockdown had not been successful. Among those, 36% said the lockdown was a total failure as not every area was under lockdown and the measures weren’t strict enough, which led to an increase in infection rates. 29% of respondents believed the lockdown wasn’t successful because not everyone complied with government measures and some people hadn’t received a Covid vaccine.
According to 27% of respondents, the partial lockdown was fairly successful since people closely followed the government’s guidelines, which reduced transmission. 6% of respondents said the movement restrictions helped reduce the number of infections. The remaining 3% did not respond.
74% of respondents said the lockdown should continue. 26% of those surveyed said the lockdown should continue, but with stricter measures to prevent people from traveling and gathering. A quarter of respondents said it should continue, but the measures should be eased as some people have already been vaccinated. 21% of respondents said the lockdown should continue as it is since the measures are appropriate.
Twenty-four percent of respondents said the lockdown should be lifted. As a result of the lockdown, residents were unable to support themselves financially and Covid is spreading anyway. Thailand’s government should instead purchase quality vaccines, according to the respondents. The last 2% did not answer the question.


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