NY TAT Is Trying To Make Sure That American Travelers Come To Thailand

American travelers who have been fully vaccinated are looking for destinations without complex restrictions, according to the New York Office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Travelers from the United States are looking away from previously popular destinations such as Europe and Canada, and when they’re looking for tropical beach vacations, destinations like the Maldives and the Caribbean are attracting tourists who might have chosen Thailand in the past.
According to the director of the TAT’s New York Office, travelers and tour operators are avoiding countries that have restrictive entry requirements, strict regulations about who is allowed in, and complicated procedures just to get into the country. Rather, they focus their efforts and travel on countries that are fully open to travelers and do not require quarantine.
People see news of lockdowns and assume Thailand and other Asian countries are closed for tourism, so some tour operators advise tourists to avoid the region. In addition to its Phuket Sandbox program and Samui Plus scheme, Thailand hopes the Sandbox 7+7 Extension will attract more customers by offering the opportunity to travel to several locations in Thailand during the first two weeks of the program.
Similar to the UK, which has added Thailand to its red list of restricted countries, requiring a 10-day quarantine on return, the US has classified Thailand as warranting a Level 4 Travel Advisory, telling Americans not to travel there because of safety concerns related to Covid-19. The director of the New York TAT says citizens can still travel.
3222 Americans were among the first 24,000 international travelers to arrive in Phuket Sandbox as of August 24. Despite the increase in Certificate of Entry applications, they do not grow fast enough to really reinvigorate the Thai tourism industry. Covid-19 tests and entry restrictions on entry are proving more deterrent than even travel warnings from home countries.
The TAT director looked at Canada’s situation as well and concluded that the difficult entry process has driven that market away from Thailand as well. There have been long lockdowns and Covid-19 resurgence despite high vaccination rates, and travelers are hesitant to travel within the next few months. Research shows that only 38% of Canadian travelers plan to travel in the next three months, while 79% said they would travel to destinations welcoming vaccinated travelers within the next year.


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