ICON Signs New Clients

New signings have been announced by ICON, a digital talent agency that represents esports athletes and streaming talent. The new talent includes Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, Jason “Pikaboo” Smith, Tim “Koogs46” Koogler, Michael “Sonii” Sherman, Jadey “Vylerria” Anh, Lucas “Buddha” Ramos, and ChelseaBytes.
Currently retired, Peng streams full-time and has won eight League of Legends championships. In addition to hosting tournaments on Twitch, Peng plans to host a talk show segment on his Twitch stream.
As one of the top Rogue players in the world, Smith competes under the Golden Guardians banner as a professional World of Warcraft player.
Koogler has years of experience streaming games from the MLB The Show franchise on Twitch.
According to his followers, Sherman motivates and inspires those who are considering or are already involved in physical fitness. Additionally, he is a gaming streamer who plays a variety of games, including World of Warcraft.
Anh, a German streamer who has watched over two billion hours of video content since 2020, plays Overwatch, Grand Theft Auto, and Outlast.
Ramos plays Grand Theft Auto on the NoPixel server, where over 500,000 people watch him play in the fan-controlled world of Los Santos.
ChelseaBytes (real name unknown) is a content creator who plays a large variety of games, including God of War and League of Legends, as well as hosting a daytime talk show. In addition to her own channel, she also hosts Fight Night on Amazon’s Crown Channel, AMC’s TWDUniverse, and various other streams for Red Bull and DTS.
Swift, the parent company of TSM, owns ICON.

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