Gaming Bits: Game Companies Released R-Rated Screenshot For New WWE 2K22 Game, Boyfriend Dungeon Has New Content Warning After The Internet Did Not Like The Last Warning

New R-Rated Screemsnpt Put There For WWE 2K22 Game
K and Visual Concepts has released an “R-Rated” screenshot for the upcoming WWE 2K22 and has promised more information this weekend.
The screenshot in question is of none other than WWE Hall of Famer and current active roster member, the “Ultimate Opportunist” aka the “R-Rated Superstar,” Edge.
In fact, two new screenshots of Edge were revealed. Both screenshots showed Edge at the top of the entrance ramp as he makes his way to the squared circle. I know you fellow Edge-Heads can already hear the theme song “Metalingus” from Alter Bridge.
ver since we saw the first reveal for WWE 2K22 at Wrestlemania earlier in the year, sightings of any new information on the game have been as visible as John Cena. Thankfully, however, 2K has promised to reveal more at SummerSlam this weekend. Let’s hope we not only see Edge’s full entrance in-game, but some new gameplay too.
Following the troubles of WWE 2K20, 2K made the decision to skip WWE 2K21 entirely. So, it has been quite a long wait for a new WWE game. Hopefully, the extra development time has served WWE 2K22 well. Only time will tell.

Contenct Warning Gets Internet Backlash
Content warning: this article contains references to death threats.

Kitfox Games has updated the content warning in Boyfriend Dungeon to include stalking and emotional manipulation following online backlash that suggested the initial warning wasn’t explicit enough.
Boyfriend Dungeon stealth dropped onto Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC last week after first appearing at the Indie World Showcase. It’s a cutesy dungeon crawler with a tacked-on dating sim but deals with some heavy subjects at its heart. As such, the game included a content warning for story elements relating to domestic abuse, kidnapping, and emotional manipulation.
However, some fans didn’t feel that the content warning accurately described the sort of content featured in Boyfriend Dungeon. As such, developer Kitfox Games has now issued an update that rewards the content warning at the start of the game. It now reads:
‘This game’s story involves exposure to unwanted advances, stalking, and other forms of emotional manipulation. Play with care and take breaks as needed.’
The update has also removed a reference to still-birth, which the developer ultimately deemed to be ‘unnecessary’. Aside from those minor changes, the actual content of Boyfriend Dungeon remains untouched.
The outcry for an updated content warning sparked a conversation about whether potentially sensitive material should be toggleable in games. Elsewhere in Boyfriend Dungeon, you can enable or disable encouraging text messages that you receive from your in-game mother. These messages have the potential to be distressing for some players that have difficult relationships with their own parents.

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