A German National Committed Suicide At A Hotel In Phuket

A German man shot himself in the head in a hotel room in Patong, Phuket.
Major Chompunut (surname withheld), a Patong police investigator, said recently that the death occurred at the Amata Patong Hotel at 7.44 p.m.
To investigate, a police officer and a doctor went to the hotel. A 41-year-old German man was found dead in room 827 on the 8th floor.
According to the investigator, the man was shot in the head. From right temple to left temple, a 9mm bullet from a Kahr pistol had passed through the head. The dead man still held the pistol in his right hand.
He also left behind a letter complaining about a Thai woman and asking the person who found his body to send his belongings to his family. Additionally, anti-depressants were found. The room was not ransacked. The manager said the German had been living reclusively at the hotel for about a year. After noticing he hadn’t left the room for five days. With a keycard, the manager attempted to open the door, but it was locked from the inside. The hotel employee entered the room from the back and found the man lying dead on a bed. At the time of his death, it was unknown when the fatal shot was fired.
At first, police believed the man had committed suicide. An autopsy was performed at Vachira Phuket Hospital to determine the cause of death.
Police Major Chompunut said the German embassy in Bangkok had been contacted and asked to inform his relatives.

Note: One of the dark secrets of Thailand is that some ex-pats in Thailand commit suicide every year.


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3 Responses to “A German National Committed Suicide At A Hotel In Phuket”

  1. Hans Lankari Says:

    “…secrets of Thailand is that some ex-pats in Thailand commit suicide every year.”

    Actually, it is not any secret, that ex-pats, all over the world, commit suicides, every single year. Even every month, since the birth of the human species.
    The quoted piece of the news is a quite o brain-fart of the author.

    • tomtardis Says:

      I sm only talking about Thailand. Yes, I do know all too well that foreigners kill themselves. My brother and my best friend form college killed themselves. I just have seen no acknowledgement from the Thai people or the Thai government that suicide of foreigners is a problem. There is no policy regarding rforeign suicide. There are no services to help suicideal foreigners.

    • tomtardis Says:

      I erite an article about a suicide and you cay that I have a brain tart. I think that you are an insensitive dick. How about that for an insult?

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