SEGA Gives More Details About The Lost Judgment Game

Sega has released gameplay details for Lost Judgment, showing off some of the game’s side content. You can play Sega Master System games and let Takayuki Yagami date Emily S. Mochizuki.
A case investigation will introduce Emily to Yagami. She works at the Girl’s Bite bar in Yokohama’s Isezaki Ijincho district. For Emily to be of any help in solving cases at first, Yagami will have to regularly visit the bar and interact with her in order to eventually get her to open up. However, the player can take a further step to deepen their relationship.
Emily will be able to support Yagami whenever a battle breaks out near Girl’s Bite once she falls in love with him and becomes his girlfriend. Yagami’s EX gauge will be filled by her, allowing him to use moves that require portions of it more easily.
There wilSega Has Gives More About Details The Lost Judgment Game
l also be other side activities and minigames in Lost Judgment, including arcade games in the in-game Club Sega building. The Sega Master System in Yagami’s office can be used to access and play classic 8-bit games.
There will be a total of eight Master System games available here. The only game available by default is Alex Kidd in Miracle find the other cartridges in-game to unlock the other games.
Here is the complete list of Sega Master System games:

Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Fantasy Zone
Ashura (the original Japanese release of Rambo: First Blood Part II)
Double Target
Enduro Racer
Penguin Land
Maze Walker
Woody Pop

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