Anti-COVID-19 Protests in Bangkok Take Place At Embassies and in the Din Daeng Area

Recently, protesters demonstrated outside three embassies to voice their opposition to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha over his failure to curb the Coronavirus outbreak.
While protests outside the US, Swiss, and Chinese embassies ended peacefully, there was yet another violent confrontation between young demonstrators and riot police in Din Daeng.
To express the failure of the government, the Thalu Fah group delivered three messages, one to each embassy.
The movement accused the Thai government of mishandling some of the 1.5 million doses of vaccine donated by Washington. It has been reported that some of the doses intended for frontline health workers have ended up in the hands of military personnel and others with connections.
Transparency in the distribution of the Pfizer shots was demanded by the protesters. Moreover, they presented an embassy official with a letter expressing hope that “the US government might consider more vaccine donations in order to aid Thailand in the humanitarian field.”
Thailand complained to the Swiss government about violent measures taken by security forces against protesters, which violated the Geneva Convention ratified by Thailand, and called for humanitarian action.
They delivered a letter to the Chinese embassy asking that the ambassador investigate the Sinovac vaccine deals made by the Thai government, as transparency was lacking.
While the embassy gatherings dispersed without incident, the atmosphere was tense at Din Daeng, where angry young men and police clash every night.
Demonstrators, most of whom were riding motorcycles, threw giant firecrackers and ping-pong bombs after the police fired tear gas. As part of Covid control measures, police managed to take control of the area and ensured that everyone cleared out before the nightly curfew.
Ratsadon News posted a video showing police stopping motorcycles during rush hour. A policeman can clearly be seen shooting rubber bullets at a motorcyclist as he passes.
Thalu Fah and other job-study leaders spoke out against violence in their campaigns to pressure Gen Prayut to step down. A boat carrying about 40 Rohingya refugees capsized in the Bay of Bengal after trying to escape Bhasan Char due to bad weather. About 14 people were rescued and taken back to the island, but more than two dozen others are believed to have drowned.

Note: Din Daeng is near the Ratchada Intersection where Fortune Town and Tesco Lotus Ratchada. are.

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