A Thai Hospital in Chonburi Builds A New Field Hospital To Deal WIth COVID-19 Patients

The Sirraj Hospital is building a field hospital with a 20-bed intensive care unit to accommodate Covid-19 patients.
Wisit Wamwanit, director of Siriraj Hospital, said on Saturday that the hospital has expanded its ICU to help admit critically ill patients.
The field hospital, located near Chalermprakiat park and Rot Fai pier inside the hospital compound, is scheduled to open on Aug 30, 2021.
The number of patients with chronic diseases and medical emergencies is on the rise, so they need negative pressure cabinets to maintain special care.
As part of plans to expand capacity for patients of all diseases, Siriraj Hospital, Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital, and Golden Jubilee Medical Centre have coordinated the field hospital’s operations.
he said. Construction began on July 28 by the Siam Cement Group (SCG).
The hospital was built in two modules to speed construction.
As an ICU, each module contains 10 beds, negative pressure cabinets, and medical innovations.
In order to increase the safety of officers, a PPE dressing room will be set up, as well as safety systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, CCTV, patient monitoring, emergency power supplies, medical gas, and information technology.
The back office will be housed in containers for work offices, rest areas, and drug and medical equipment storage in five cupboards. There will be toilets and showers available.
Dr. Wisit said that the hospital has a budget of about 100 million baht.
Another 13 Covid-19 deaths and 1,254 new cases were reported in Chonburi recently.
Since July 29, the number of daily cases in the province has exceeded 1,000.
With the new infections, the provincial total now stands at 44,356.
Over the past 24 hours, 23,702 cases have recovered, with 1,037 discharged. Those who had recovered were still in hospitals.
An update posted on the province’s Facebook page on Saturday said the 13 deaths brought the total to 235.
Si Racha had the highest number of new infections (346), followed by Muang (296), Bang Lamung (216), Phan Thong (106), and Ban Bung (95).
Three hundred fifty-one of the 1,254 new cases caught the bug from family or friends, 186 from colleagues, 26 from close friends, and seven from parties.

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