Infant Is The Latest Victim Of Myanmar Military

Local sources report a shooting in the fourth ward of Myingyan, Mandalay Region, which killed a one-year-old girl and injured her father and another passerby.
Although the perpetrators’ identities were not confirmed at the time of reporting, eyewitnesses said that armed guards stationed outside the home of local junta-appointed administrator Tun Tun Oo — just three doors down from the victims’ home — fired the shots.
Apparently, Tun Tun Oo carries a gun and has three armed guards standing outside his house at all times.
According to a resident of the neighborhood, two plainclothesmen arrived outside the home of 29-year-old Nyein Chan, the infant girl’s father – about whom little is known – and fired shots.
The men appeared to be members of the administrator’s security team, according to an eyewitness.
“I believe the guards in front of Tun Tun Oo’s house shot them. “They said that they had to shoot the men because they were acting suspiciously,” he told Myanmar Now, adding that the men fled on a motorbike.
Tun Tun Oo was returning from lunch at the time of the shooting when three young men on motorbikes were near the would-be shooting scene. The guards shot after accusing the men of being members of the anti-coup People’s Defence Force (PDF). It has been other local guerrilla groups, not the PDF, that have claimed responsibility for carrying out targeted assassinations of local junta officials.
Two shots were fired at Nyein Chan’s right arm, and shots were fired in both his head and stomach at his one-year-old daughter. The attacks were not planned, the resident said. He died on the spot.
A second passerby named Tin Tin Mar was shot in the leg as she screamed and attempted to flee, according to the first witness.
The bodies of Tin Tin Mar’s daughter Nyein Chan and Tin Tin Mar were brought to the local hospital on Thursday, according to an official with the Hands of Purity social services group in Myingyan.
In the days following the shooting, tensions remained high in the ward as junta troops arrived at Tun Tun Oo’s house and began interrogating passersby, even forcing some to kneel and put their hands behind their heads.
As of Thursday afternoon, no arrests had been made in relation to the shooting in Ward 4.
On July 16, 2921, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child reported that 75 children had been killed in Myanmar since the February 1 coup. One of the youngest was a seven-year-old girl shot 2by junta soldiers while in her father’s lap in Mandalay in late March.

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