The Thai Department of Health Issues Guidelines About How To Have Sex In The Age of COVID-19

Don’t forget to wear a condom… as well as a face mask. Look for a sex position that is not face-to-face. Kissing is not allowed. You should avoid saliva… and other secretions. Make it short. That’s what Thailand’s health department suggests. The department announced nine safe sex guidelines after a prostitute in Western Thailand contracted Covid-19.
Along with no kissing, no oral sex, and no anal sex, the department tells students to shower before sex and to clean the bed or other areas where sex takes place with disinfectant. Faces should be kept at a safe distance from each other.
Dr. Peerayuth Sanukul, director of the Department of Health’s Office of Reproductive Health, says people should avoid sex with strangers. Sex parties, which could lead to a cluster outbreak, should be avoided.
To prevent the spread of Covid-19, people should consider safe sex procedures before engaging in any sexual activity. According to the doctor, those at high risk of contracting the virus, those who have recently been infected, and those awaiting test results should all refrain from having sex to reduce the risk of transmission to others.
The Department of Health recommended that lovers and spouses at risk of Covid-19 infection avoid sex altogether, especially those who have not yet received a test result. The doctor also warned about identifying strangers in addition to avoiding sex with strangers.
Several guidelines were developed after a sex worker in Kanchanburi, a province bordering Myanmar, tested positive for Covid-19.
Thailand’s Department of Health issues safe sex guidelines
Take a shower and wash your hands before and after having sex.
Avoid kissing if you want to avoid spreading the Covid-19 virus.
The Covid-19 virus is transmitted through feces, so avoid oral and anal sex.
Reduce contact with saliva or other types of secretions by using condoms, dental dams, and rubber gloves.
To prevent the spread of infection during sex, wear a mask over your nose and mouth.
You should avoid being face-to-face while having sex in order to avoid contact with saliva or other secretions and spend as little time as possible (In other words, have a quickie).
Do not engage in group sex or swap sex partners.
When cleaning the sleeping area or the area where sex was performed, use disinfectants such as 70% alcohol, detergent, and bleach.
Infected condoms, disposable tampons, dental dams, and rubber gloves should be thrown away in a covered container.

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