Myanmar Military Needs Help To Fight Opposition Troops In A Myanmar State

According to sources in the region, Myanmar’s military has turned to local militia groups for help in eliminating the People’s Defense Forces (PDFs) in southern Shan State.
Seven military vehicles from the army’s Eastern Command headquarters in Taunggyi arrived in Namsang on August 7 to meet with the Mat Kyeng militia leader, a local resident told Myanmar Now.
The Namsang resident quoted a member of the militia group as saying that protests have calmed down now, but they want reinforcements in case of an emergency.
The Mat Kyeng militia is one of many such armed groups operating throughout the country. It is controlled by the Myanmar military but only operates within the boundaries of its own territory.
According to the source, it was unclear how many reinforcements the military wanted, but Linn Sein, the militia leader, was instructed to keep them “on standby”.
In the area, the junta has been pressuring local militias to “clear the territory” of resistance fighters, according to Southern Shan State Generations (SSSG), a PDF.
According to an SSSG member, each militia had been ordered to provide 100 troops to assist the regime in finding local PDFs. According to him, five PDFs are active in the area, but none are currently engaged in combat.
SSSG member said a soldier from Light Infantry Battalion 516 was shot in the arm and captured while trying to launch a drone near the group’s base on August 6.
“When we asked him why he was in our territory, he said he was a deserter. He died before we could ask any more questions,” he told Myanmar Now.
In addition to the drone, the soldier also had a GPS device. Other members of his unit were spotted nearby but managed to escape, he added.

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