A Night Of Hell For Town Due To Myanmar Military

A Myanmar military battalion fired light weapons and heavy artillery at Kachin State’s Waingmaw Township for several hours recently, allegedly without provocation, according to a Kachin Independence Army (KIA) spokesperson.
KIA information officer Col Naw Bu told Myanmar Now that the one-sided assault came from the junta’s Waingmaw-based LIB 58, and that it may have been a drill gone wrong.
“The military is known for practicing drills. “Maybe yesterday was just a drill, and they became paranoid and started shooting at each other,” he said of the soldiers within the LIB’s post.
According to a 50-year-old Waingmaw elder, artillery shelling began around 7:30 pm, and machine guns and small arms started at 9 pm.
“I couldn’t sleep most of the night. My house was shaking because it is not far from the junta’s base where the weapons were fired,” he said.
According to a man who lives near LIB 58, houses near Labang village were also hit by bullets and shells, according to Myanmar Now. A large artillery shell struck a pig farm, killing some of the animals.
Residents reported seeing a military helicopter fly over Waingmaw three times during the heavy shooting, while tanks and armored vehicles circled the town.
They reported hearing gunfire until around 3am.
The assault seemed to have ended by dawn, and people began to move about the town normally.
While Waingmaw was under siege, the junta’s army fired six artillery shells at the KIA headquarters in Laiza around 1am. One of the shells reportedly exploded near a Covid-19 treatment center near a residential area.
Kachin forces also intercepted and attacked the junta’s military convoys operating in Kachin State between July 29 and July 31, 2021.
There were clashes between local troops from both sides. In Hpakant, too, there was fighting, but it was a confrontation while the military council’s troops moved,” Col Naw Bu said.
On July 30, 2021, the KIA ambushed a convoy entering the Nam Si En area of Hpakant, killing some junta troops.
The same day, two military bases near Laiza fired artillery at the KIA headquarters.
The KIA recently attacked four army posts in Mogaung Township: two bases near Nanmati town, a checkpoint, and the Military Operations Command headquarters. They attacked LIB 58 in Waingmaw, and two bases along the Muse-Kutkai highway in northern Shan State.
The junta has issued daily reports on its efforts to crush resistance but has not recently acknowledged the ongoing fighting in ethnic states.

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