Even Though Myanmar Is A Buddhist Country, The Myanmar MIlitary Is Going After Buddhist Monks

When the army trucks appeared, Venerable Yazina’s robes did not protect him. As a member of Myanmar’s revered Buddhist monkhood, he was fair game for the soldiers who opened fire as soon as they arrived.
The teaching monk from Mandalay’s New Masoeyin Monastery was among those hit that day. However, it wasn’t a bullet that killed him. It was one of the vehicles that had sped into the crowd as protesters fled.
He recalled, “We had just left the monastery when they arrived and began shooting.”. “Everyone ran in a panic. “I tried to jump on a motorcycle to get away, but they struck me with a car.”
Ven. Knocked to the ground. Yazina was helpless as three soldiers repeatedly beat his shaved head.
As soon as the monk was in military custody, he was stripped of his robe and dragged to Mandalay Palace, where he was tortured as just another civilian who had dared challenge the military’s authority.
Ven. On May 28, the day of his arrest, Ven. Yazina has been protesting against the coup for over three months. In crackdowns across the country, hundreds have already been killed, and thousands more have been arrested. Many people who ended up behind bars did not survive.
Even monks were subjected to unimaginable cruelty by regime forces, so he was not expecting mercy.
Six days later, from 9am to 3pm, two interrogators beat him at random, not caring if they killed him in the process. He and the other detainees captured at the same time were beaten almost continuously as they were questioned about their participation in the protests.
After the junta’s henchmen were tired of hitting the prisoners with truncheons, they forced them into painful and humiliating positions to further break their spirits.
“First they made me squat down. Then they told me to put my hands on my head and hop around like a frog. After that, I had to kneel down on the hot pavement with my hands still on my head,” he said.
“The pain was unbearable. They made me ‘walk’ like this back to my cell. It took about 30 minutes, and if I slowed down, they would hit me again from behind.”
But at some point, he became defiant, telling his tormentors that they could beat him all they liked because he could no longer move on his shattered knees.
“That’s when I told them that I wanted a humane government. At this, the officer just pointed his gun at me and said, ‘How dare you?’”

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