An Arrested British Expat Claims He Is Robin Hood

A British Expat arrested in Chiang Mai for allegedly selling drugs apparently claims to be a local “Robin Hood,” using money he obtained from the rich through illegal acts to give to those in need. Reports in Thai media say the man claims to have spent 1 million baht to buy things for children and villagers who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
38-year-old British national Mitash Gavwid Varsani and his girlfriend, 32-year-old Siriphon Soonthornchamon, who is a local DJ, allegedly sold cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana. Officers say the couple made a group on the messaging app Line to connect with buyers who, police say, were typically wealthy tourists and people in Chiang Mai who frequent nightclubs. An undercover officer requested to join the Line group, claiming he was planning a party and wanted to buy cocaine and ecstasy.
The detective agreed to buy 2 bags of cocaine for 8,000 baht and 3 pills of ecstasy for 3,000 baht. After the money was transferred, Mitash and Siriporn drove to a luxury villa in Chiang Mai’s Doi Saket district where they were met by police and arrested.
Police say they seized 86.2 grams of marijuana and 55.4 grams of cocaine. The suspects were charged for possession of marijuana and cocaine with intent to sell. Police suspect the couple has been dealing drugs for over a year.
Siriporn allegedly told police that many people at the nightclubs wanted to buy marijuana and cocaine. She allegedly told police that she met Mitash, an owner of a solar panel installation company, and the two decided to sell drugs together. Reports say drugs were smuggled from Europe through an online shopping app and paid for with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

COVID-19 Update

78 percent of new COVID0-19 infections in Thailand are the Delta variant.


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