Anti-Government Protestors In Many Provinces Protested The Thai PM’s COVID-19 Policy

On August 1st, 2021, anti-government protesters took to the streets in Bangkok and other provinces, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha for his handling of the Covid-19 crisis.
From Democracy Monument in the center of Bangkok to Don Mueang airport, drivers honked horns and motorcyclists raised their three fingers in a gesture of resistance inspired by “The Hunger Games” movie.
A 47-year-old protester speaking from his car revealed only his first name “Chai” for fear of government reprisals: “We can barely make a living now, all of my family members have been affected.”
“The government failed to provide vaccines on time, and many of us have not received any vaccine,” he said, “The government will ignore us if we don’t come out to make our calls.”
There were also protests in Tak, Khon Kaen, Kanchanaburi, Surat Thani, Nakhon Sawan, Phetchabun, and Nakhon Ratchasima.
An organizer from Nakhon Sawan seeking anonymity said, “We cannot accept the mismanagement of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on the Covid issue.”
In Kanchanaburi, Jessica Iem-un, a rally coordinator, expressed the same level of frustration, saying that the government should step down because it failed to handle the pandemic.
By the end of 2021, the government intends to inoculate 50 million people, but only 5.8% of the population is fully vaccinated, while 21% have received at least one dose.
Thailand reported 18,027 new cases and 133 more deaths from Covid-19 on August 2, bringing the total number of accumulated cases to 615,314 and the number of fatalities to 4,990.

Personal Note: There was indeed a protest in Ubon Ratchathani on August 21, 2021, in the afternoon. I could hear it from my house.

I could hear it, but I could not see it. A foreign friend told me today that there was a protest at the Rajabaht Univesity in Ubon. It is very close to my home.

I wish that I could have seen it and taken photos.


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