Opposition Forces Attacked Myanmar Military Bases

Local sources report that the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) attacked three military bases in the Kachin State towns of Mogaung and Waingmaw recently.
KIA’s Battalion 3 under Brigade 5 launched an attack on the junta’s Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 58 in Waingmaw.
Around midnight, gunfire could be heard across Waingmaw town and subsided, a man who lives near the LIB base said.
Two civilians were wounded -one mortally – when the junta’s Northern Regional Command in Myitkyina fired artillery shells at the area of the fighting.
Heavy artillery shells hit the bus station and the former company compound of the Kachin Entrepreneurs Association on Waingmaw-Washawng Road, injuring two people. “One of them died later,” the man said.
Aung Le, 36, lived in the compound where the artillery shells exploded. At the time of reporting, it was not known who the other injured person was.
Around 3 a.m., KIA ambushed the junta’s military checkpoint at Maran Kahtaung between Mogaung and Kamine in Mohnyin District. It was destroyed recently.
Early in the morning, the KIA also fired about 30 artillery shells at Base 3 of the Military Operations Command – known as Sa Ka Kha in Burmese – in Mogaung, according to a local resident.
“I don’t know where they fired during the night. Only the sound was audible to me. Only in the morning did I learn that they had attacked those areas. Now, the town is a bit quiet,” the resident said.
On Friday, he did confirm to Kachin state-based media outlets that fighting had taken place and civilians had been killed.
According to local news reports, the junta’s military bases west of the KIA headquarters in Laiza fired artillery shells around the Kachin stronghold an hour after the attack on LIB 58 in Waingmaw.
The military’s information ministry had not released any information about the KIA strikes at the time of publication.
Recently, the KIA also attacked two of the junta’s bases between Kutkai and Muse townships in northern Shan State.
Following the February 1 military coup, heavy fighting broke out between the KIA and the junta’s army in northern Shan State, and the fighting has also spread to Kachin State.
The KIA, in cooperation with local People’s Defence Forces, has also fought the junta’s troops in Kawlin, Katha, and Htigyaing townships in the upper Sagaing Region.
Recently, the KIA intercepted and attacked seven naval vessels belonging to the junta on the Irrawaddy River near Shwegu in Kachin State.
The KIA was not among the ethnic armed organizations that signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement with the government and military before the coup but had engaged in preliminary peace talks with the National League for Democracy administration.
Following the military’s attempt to seize power in Myanmar in February 2021, the KIA announced that they would protect anti-coup protesters in Kachin State and welcome the resistance movement.

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