Outer Wilds Game Gets Wilder With New Expansion

More than two years after it first launched, Outer Wilds is finally getting an expansion.
The publisher announced a brand new expansion to the critically acclaimed puzzle box at the Annapurna Showcase. Thanks to an updated Steam achievement list appearing last month, we already knew that more content would become. There was only placeholder text and numbers associated with the 12 new achievements, indicating that new content might be coming soon.
Recently, Annapurna released a trailer for the new content, confirming our hopes.
Since the original game’s secrets need to be kept secret, the trailer is extremely cryptic. We’ll have a ton of new planets to explore, and many new puzzles to solve. From the original game’s storyline, it will be titled “Echoes of the Eye”. Those of you who have played the original will know just what a big deal that is.
Echoes of the Eye is expected to release on all the platforms Outer Wilds is already available on 28th September 2021. Included are PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
In 2019, Mobius Digital’s space flight puzzler garnered critical acclaim. The game won a BAFTA award for Best Game. You’re right! It is one of the best puzzle and space exploration games ever made, as anyone who has played it will tell you.
In the original game, you explore a small solar system with a collapsing star located in the center. I shouldn’t say too much about what happens later in the game, but if you’ve never played it before you really should.
You were tasked with unraveling the mystery behind the universe’s bizarre state using a collection of gadgets and your own intellect. One of the most fulfilling gameplay experiences I’ve ever had was discovering the mysteries that lie within each of the planets and satellites. If you haven’t played it already, I strongly encourage you to do so.

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