AztraZeneca Thailand Writes Letter To The People Of Thailand

Covid-19 infections in Thailand have exploded out of control, and bad news keeps coming out of the vaccine supply and distribution chains, so the managing director of AstraZeneca Thailand penned an open letter to the people of Thailand. In it, he gave a brief overview of the manufacturing process, the efforts made to supply more vaccines, and some encouragement to the Thai public.
As James Teague begins his letter, he acknowledges the tough circumstances Thailand faces in the face of Covid-19, with rising infection numbers and widespread outbreaks of the more contagious and somewhat vaccine-resistant Delta variant. AstraZeneca, according to the letter, communicates continuously with the Department of Disease Control about the situation and how best to help and reiterates its commitment to manufacturing vaccines as quickly as possible.
To make the AstraZeneca vaccine, living ingredients have to be grown and harvested, which is a difficult process. Unlike a synthetic process, the exact amount of usable material cannot be guaranteed, so the outcome can be unpredictable. Especially in a new supply chain just getting started, Teague emphasized this.
According to AstraZeneca, they should be able to produce 5 to 6 million vaccines per month for Thailand, barring any disruption to the supply chain. Thus far, they have delivered 9 million vaccines and will give the Ministry of Public Health an additional 2.3 million doses next week.
Taking advantage of the vaccine shortages and the growing threat from the Delta variant, AstraZeneca is optimizing the manufacturing process in Thailand’s domestic producer, Siam Bioscience, wholly owned by Crown Property Bureau. They believe they can increase production if they harvest the biological materials well. Moreover, the letter promises to search for any vaccines that could be diverted to Southeast Asia by the AstraZeneca global supply chain of more than 20 manufacturers.
Teague then reiterated AstraZeneca’s commitment to fighting Covid-19, which he says they do for the benefit of the global population without turning a profit. In a new Canadian study, AstraZeneca vaccines are 87% effective in preventing death and hospitalization. He also praised the generosity of Thai people, citing a poll showing a third of all Thai people have donated to people in need during Covid-19.
In the letter’s closing statement, the author advocates uniting to spread education and vaccines throughout Southeast Asia, which may be a subtle defense of the growing frustration people in Thailand have with all vaccine exports until they have access to AstraZeneca vaccines.

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