Over The Age Of 75 Expats in Thailand Are Eligible For COVID-19 Vaccine in Bangkok

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently announced that ex-pats over 75 years old living in Thailand will now be eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine in Bangkok. The announcement made recently will come into effect soon when Bang Sue Central Station will begin accepting qualified foreigners residing in Thailand for vaccination on a walk-in basis.
It was previously announced that foreigners would have vaccine opportunities soon, rumored to begin at the end of the month. But this new policy is a welcomed opportunity for some ex-pats to get vaccinated. In Thailand, finding information has been almost as arduous as getting a vaccine, with numerous registration programs like Mor Prom and ThailandIntervac.com launched and sometimes ending quickly amid confusion.
The lack of vaccine information and instruction often overwhelmed foreigners, and registration was often a frenzy as the few available appointments during the short registration periods were often grabbed by anyone who found out about it in time. Some provinces never even created a system for foreigners to register, while others had their own systems with varying levels of success for applicants.
Foreigners over 75 living in the Bangkok area – which is currently under strict red zone lockdowns – can now get a vaccine. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explains the requirements and process of getting vaccinated by the Director-General of the Department of Information.
The program starts on July 19 and runs indefinitely at gates 2, 3, and 4 of the Bang Sue Central Station in Bangkok. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. To avoid crowds, the vaccination center strongly recommends coming early.
In order to receive a vaccination, foreigners must show proof that they are a resident foreigner in Thailand rather than a tourist. You can prove your residency by using retirement or resident visa, a house registration, or a work permit. You will also need your passport. This offer is only available to those who have never been vaccinated before, so anyone with one or two doses of another vaccine previously is not eligible.

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