Game Bits: Get Part 2 Of Last of Us 2 Game At A Discount Price, More Netflix Game Streaming Rumors

Get The Last of Us Part 2 For A Discount At The Playstation Store

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2 is permanently discounted on the PlayStation Store. You should rejoice! There is a catch, however.
Resetera reports that The Last of Us Part 2 has been discounted on the US PS Store. As of this writing, the US appears to be the only region with a discount.

The Last of Us 2 just received a permanent price cut and now costs $39,99 ($49,99 for the deluxe edition.
— NESbot (@NESbot_feed) July 13, 2021

The standard edition of The Last of Us Part costs $39.99, which is about £28 in the U.K. The Deluxe Edition has also been reduced to $49.99 (roughly £36).
In the UK, the game is still priced at £54.99 for the standard edition and £64.99 for the Deluxe Edition. That’s quite a price difference, as you can see.
To avoid regional PS Store pricing, you can purchase PSN credit for other regions. Nevertheless, it would be nice if other regions also got the permanent price reduction. I would imagine, however, that other regions will soon experience a price drop as well.
Moreover, there is no mention of a sale or expiry date for the current price in the US, which indicates that the price reduction is permanent.

More Rumors That Netflix Is Entering The Video Game Streaming Field

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Netflix is considering entering the world of video game streaming.
Netflix was first reported to enter the video games market back in May. Netflix had allegedly already begun recruiting for an executive to lead the new venture.
Netflix provided GameSpot with a brief statement in May when asked about the video game rumors.
“Our members appreciate the variety and quality of our content. As a result, we’ve expanded our offerings — from series to documentaries, films, local language originals, and reality TV,” said a spokesperson.
Bloomberg reports that Netflix has now hired a new executive, possibly to lead its new business venture. Mike Verdu, a former executive at Facebook and Electronic Arts, is the new employee in question.
Bloomberg reports that Netflix has now hired a new executive, possibly to lead its new business venture. An ex-Facebook officer and long-time executive of Electronic Arts, Mike Verdu, will be joining the company.
We must mention that no matter how reliable these reports might be, we must take any speculation with a grain of salt until proven otherwise. However, the pieces are starting to come together.
With Netflix already bringing a wealth of movies and TV series straight to our homes via its streaming platform, it makes sense that it would venture into the video games market next.

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