Game Bits: Ghostwire: Tokyo Will Be Delayed, Dead Cells Is A Success in China, Sumo Group Opening New Studio In Canada

Don’t Hold Your Breath for Ghostwrite: Tokyo

Tango Gameworks has announced that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be delayed until 2022.
The developer explained on Twitter that the decision was made for safety reasons.
“We want to get the game into your hands as soon as possible so you can experience the unforgettable haunted Tokyo that we have been hard at work building,” the company said.
“At the same time, Tango is also dedicated to protecting the health of everyone here. Our new release window will give us the chance to bring Ghostwire to life as we’ve always envisioned.”
Originally revealed at E3 in 2019, the title was given a 2021 release date last year.

Dead Cells Game Doing Well in China

China has sold over 2 million copies of Motion Twin’s action title Dead Cells.
After its February debut in the country, the title reached a milestone.
Motion Twin partnered with Playdigious and Bilibili Game to distribute its title in China on mobile devices.
Xavier Liard, co-founder and CEO of Playdigious, said, “We are committed to dispelling the misconception that console-like paid games can’t work on mobile.”
Our local Chinese partner, Bilibili, has demonstrated incredible success and massive reach in China, proving that there is an enormous untapped market for quality premium mobile titles.”
The IPO of Playdigious parent Fragbite coincided with Dead Cells’ sales milestone.

Sumo Group Will Have New Studio in Canada

Timbre Games, based in Vancouver, Canada, is the newest studio in the Sumo Group.
In September, Sumo acquired Pipeworks Studios for $100 million. It will focus on action-adventure and simulation games.
Timbre will be Sumo’s second office in Canada and it’s 14th worldwide. Joe Nickolls, former vice president, and general manager at Maxis and studio director at Capcom Vancouver, will lead the company.
As studio production director, Nickolls will work alongside co-founder Zo* Curnoe. She previously served as production director at The Coalition Studio for over seven years.
A third co-founder is Geoff Coates, who will be a creative director. Previously, Coates served as an art director at Relic Entertainment, Capcom, and EA.
“With Timbre, we wanted to build a studio with an emphasis on diversity, transparency, community involvement in game development, and fun, sustainable workplace culture. Those values are shared by Pipeworks, therefore it was a natural fit.”

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