Thai Government Insists They Are Not Charging VAT For Vaccines At Private Hospitals

The Thai government is moving swiftly to dispel a rumor circulating on social media that private ospitals are being charged VAT for vaccines. A rumor circulating around the internet accuses the Thai government of profiting from the importation of life-saving vaccines.
The claim that the government charges value-added tax on all the Covid-19 vaccines that private hospitals negotiate to purchase for private sale has gained attention and is being widely shared on social media sites.
Vaccines purchased through the Government Pharmaceutical Organisation, a middle man between private hospitals negotiating bulk orders and vaccine manufacturers who sell exclusively to governments, are charged VAT. As a result, the extra cost burden would be passed on to the public in the form of added expenses.
Revenue Department officials dismiss these charges as completely without merit and say the report posted online has caused confusion and misinformation.
The department points out that all private hospitals have been exempted from paying VAT. Vaccines cannot be taxed by the government. Hospitals cannot be charged a tax, so they do not pass the cost of the tax on to their clients.
The Revenue Department hopes that the clarification can dispel the rumor, even if it doesn’t gain as much viral traction as the original report.

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