Thai Bits: Thais Are No. 1 in Online Shopping, Thailand Government Agency Passes Rules To Attract Hi-Tech Companies

Thais are No. 1 In Online Shopping

Wunderman Thompson, a global marketing communications agency, reports that Thais are the top online shoppers. A global survey of 28000 respondents was conducted in 17 markets, including Thailand. 94 percent of Thai consumers said online shopping saved them in 2020. The global average was 72 percent. Ninety percent said they would continue to shop through digital channels. Online shopping channels topped the list, followed by retailer websites and social media bios that offer new enhanced privileges and newly arranged categories

ThAI BOI PaSSES Incentives To Attract Hi-Tech Companies

The Board of Investment (BOI) approved last week new packages and enhanced incentives for research and development (R&D) and human resource development to attract semiconductor manufacturing, digital activities, and smart packaging companies. Investments or expenditures of at least 200 million baht or 1 percent of their total sales over the first three years will qualify for longer tax breaks (up to 13 years) without a corporate income tax exemption ceiling. Tax benefits can also be obtained by companies that offer training programs and apprenticeships or invest in advanced technology training.
In addition, the BOI reorganized the category of “Development of Software, Digital Services Platform or Digital Content”. Companies that apply under this category are eligible for eight-year tax holidays, with the ceiling reflecting the additional costs of hiring Thai IT personnel, training expenses, and international standard certifications. The government also offers enhanced benefits to companies that use eco-friendly packaging and recycled materials.
An application for BOI investment privileges can be complicated, but if successful it can provide a number of benefits, including tax benefits, work permits for foreign employees, and the ability to purchase property for use in the business.

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