Changes Its Name and Brand has recently changed its domain name to has provided information about Thai immigration and other Thai-related topics in the past. You can also discuss Thai issues in their forums and sell your stuff there. Recently, they sent out an email to their advertisers with the following message:
On July 2nd, 2021, will rebrand to as they expand into 9 other ASEAN countries and duplicate their successful Thailand model. 
This will provide ex-pats and interested international visitors a place to discuss and discover many aspects about each individual country. At one point it appeared social media would take away much of the relevance of forums, yet over the last couple of years has seen greater interest and growth in their forum. 
Unlike social media, such as Facebook, a forum offers a wide range of material easily searchable by its members – from schooling, motors, visas to immigration matters. 
“Over the last decade ASEAN countries have experienced growth in expats and visitor numbers, so it was a logical decision to offer this valuable service to these destinations. ASEAN NOW will cover a number of important areas, initially focusing on local news, covid updates, visa/immigration latest and golf within each country forum section.” said an ASEAN NOW spokesperson. 
This change will have no negative impact on your advertising as it is still very much business as usual here in Thailand, albeit with the name change. We will also retain all our online search strength and millions of searchable page posts that come from the domain over the years. 
It is actually likely that from more countries being featured and the increased interest that will come from this change to our media that you will gain more from your advertising with us.
If you have any questions please let myself or any of your direct contacts know.
Any advertising inquiries please email

ASEAN NOW Social Media pages by country: has been handy in the past, and even with their new name, they remain useful today. 

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