Myanmar Military Wants To Sue Global Press For Calling Them A Junta

The coup regime’s information ministry told foreign correspondents in Myanmar that they could be sued if they continued to call the rulers who seized power in February a junta.

The ministry also objected to news reports’ use of the term “military council” in a statement published in the military-run Global New Light of Myanmar.

This government was not a coup d’etat government, was clearly stated in the statement, which was also published by other military propaganda outlets.

According to the statement, foreign outlets should refrain from “quoting rootless sources and false news,” and “action will be taken against them under the existing laws,” if they “apply wrong usages, quote and exaggerate fake news.”

The regime calls itself the State Administration Council.

According to the announcement, foreign news agencies spread false news about Egypt to a global audience. It came over a week after CNN and Reuters were attacked for their coverage of the Kinma village fire.

According to the military junta, “armed terrorists” set fire to the Magway Region village, contrary to reports from locals that regime forces were responsible.

Local publications were warned that they would lose their publishing licenses if they called Min Aung Hlaing’s takeover a coup after the junta seized power. The junta’s warnings went unheeded by both local and international outlets.

According to a recent announcement, the regime controls state duties “in accordance with the state of emergency under the Constitution”.

Furthermore, it falsely claimed that “the United Nations and global countries recognized the State Administration Council as the legal government of Myanmar.”

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