Game Bits: Say Good-Bye To Magic: Legends and Two Final Fantasy Games On Steam

Magic: Kegebds Says Bye on Halloween

On October 31, 2021, Magic: Legends will say goodbye to the virtual world.
In the event that you were a player at the time of the closure, all of your virtual money will be returned to you in full.
Until D-day, all servers will be open. We will eliminate Zen Shop as soon as possible.
Aether, the free in-game currency, will soon be used to purchase all items.
They think they missed the mark, but they are proud of what they achieved.
Wizards of the Coast will assist the publisher to bring the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse to a wider audience. They should be able to explore new approaches within the established ARPG genre.
The published has learned from its past mistakes and will use them to improve its future development efforts.
They thank their fans for exploring their Multiverse.

Two Final Fantasy Games Will Soon Disappear from Steam

Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI have been updated on the Steam pages with a disclaimer stating that each title will no longer be available to purchase starting July 27. The message reads:

After July 27, 2021, this game will no longer be available for purchase. Please consider purchasing the pixelated remaster version of “FINAL FANTASY VI,” coming soon.

The two titles are based on the mobile releases from 2013 and 2014, respectively, which are notorious for their redrawn art style – particularly the character sprite style. As the Pixel Remaster series will be bringing new versions of Final Fantasy V and VI to the platform, Square Enix wants to avoid having multiple versions on its storefront. It is worth noting that the mobile pages for these games do not currently have a similar disclaimer.

As Square Enix inadvertently uploaded a longer video overview on the upcoming Pixel Remaster series, we were able to get a closer look at the upcoming new versions of these classic games. The video has since been removed, but not before we had a chance to compare the Pixel Remaster to other versions of Final Fantasy 1 through 6.

Square Enix has delisted titles from Steam due to re-released versions of their games in the past. There are no longer Steam ports of Dragon Quest XI available, as the current version is based on the Switch release, despite a slight decrease in visual fidelity. In addition, The Last Remnant was removed from Steam when the PS4/Switch remaster was released in 2019, so the PC version is no longer available.

There is no exact release date for Pixel Remasters. From the now-removed video, they know the titles will be released individually with the first one landing sometime next month. The remasters are currently slated for Mobile and Steam.

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