American Expats In Thailand Are Being Urged To Call US Senatos So US Citizens Can Get Vaccines At US Embassies

Covid-19 vaccines are still being sought by some Americans living overseas in Thailand. Democratic Abroad Thailand is urging American expats to contact their senators and ask them to support the allocation of vaccines to citizens overseas. The ex-pat group’s Covid-19 Vaccine Task Force will hold a Zoom meeting tomorrow evening to discuss the call to action.
Recently, the US Embassy in Thailand’s Charge d’Affaires issued a statement saying the US Department of State is not able to provide vaccines for the millions of Americans living abroad.
In response to the news, 26 US senators urged Secretary of State Antony Blinken to include the 9 million Americans living abroad in the government’s global effort.
 In addition to Thailand, the US government is donating 500 million vaccine doses to 92 countries with low to lower-middle incomes. Senators urged Blinken to donate supplemental doses to US embassies and consulates in those countries so that US citizens could be vaccinated.
In order to optimize the distribution of those additional doses, we encourage you to prioritize countries where Americans have been deemed ineligible or low priority in national vaccination deployment plans, as well as countries that are currently not distributing U.S. vaccinations. The vaccine must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration or the World Health Organization.
Democratic Abroad Thailand is urging American expats to contact their senators and urge them to join the initiative before July 4. Here is a suggestion…
“I am a constituent currently living in Thailand where foreigners do not have access to US FDA-approved Covid-19 vaccines. I would urge you to sign the letter that Senators Murphy and Moran sent on June 24 to Secretary of State Blinken asking him to “take concrete steps toward vaccinating the nine million Americans living abroad.”
The US government has been pushed to provide vaccines to Thai citizens by ex-pat groups in recent months. Democrats Abroad Thailand, Republicans Overseas Thailand, the American Women’s Club of Thailand, and Veterans of Foreign Wars have collaborated to push for US government officials to include Thai citizens living abroad in global vaccinations.

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