Thai PM Wants To Re-Open Country To Tourists In 120 Days, Thai Poll Disagrees

Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, or Suan Dusit Poll, has conducted an opinion survey that shows the majority of people believe reopening the country in 120 days is not feasible due to the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The online poll was conducted between June 21-24, 2021, on 3,320 people across the country to compile their opinions on the Thai PM’s announcement that the country would be reopened in 120 days amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

When asked if it would be possible to reopen the country within 120 days, 39.88% said this was unlikely, and 21.64% said it was impossible. In contrast, 30.26% thought it might be possible, and 8.22% were confident it could happen.

58.22% of respondents disagreed with the announcement, 25.90% agreed, and 15.88% were uncertain.

Asked whether they would accept a higher risk of Covid-19 reopening the country in 120 days, 51.05% said “no”; 26.93% said “yes”; and 22.02% were uncertain.

Asked what concerns them about the pledge to reopen the country in 120 days, respondents were allowed to select more than one concern:

-78.07% expressed concern about new variants of the Covid-19;

  • 71.18% expected more clusters of infections; and
  • 68.41% expected a new wave of the pandemic.

When asked what should be done to be able to reopen the country in 120 days, respondents said:

  • 85.12% said vaccinations must be accelerated;
  • 77.06% quarantine and suppression of illegal border crossers must be tightened;
  • 76.53% Increase the number of vaccine brands imported to adjust vaccination administration;
  • 71.78% vaccine distribution must be expedited; and
  • 54.75% case-finding needs to be stepped up to prevent Covid-19 from spreading.

If asked what benefits reopening would have, regardless of whether they agreed with the 120-day schedule, the answers were:

  • 84.04% believe it could boost the economy;
  • 61.73% believed it could accelerate vaccinations; and
  • 50.10% believed it could draw tourists from abroad.

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