Personal Bit: A Virus, But Not That Virus

For the last 12 days, I have been resting because I have a virus. It is not COVID-19, but it is still a virus.
This virus has infected the lymphatic system in my groin area. It has caused four growths to be on the right side of my groin or my upper thigh. It does feel like I have grown some extra testicles and some of them hurt.
If you don’t know, a growth is like a round ball of skin that has grown out of your skin. One of my growths is the size of a baseball. One is the size of an American penny. Not all of them hurt, but when one of them hurts, it feels like somebody is stabbing me with a needle.
AFter Googling, I found out that the laymphatic system is a very important part of your party. It is the first line of defence against disease. It is the one that send out the anti-bodies to destroy something unwanted in your body. When this unwanted entity is destroyed, it is put back harmlessly into your body. I probably got this wr0ng because I am an English teacher, not a trained physician.
A doctor gave me medicine a week ago to get rid of thse ball-shaped intruders on my body. I have run out of this medicine, but the intruders have remained.
Tomorrow, I have to go back to work, but I can’t sleep due to the pain. I hope that this writing would exhaust me, but it has not been successful so far.
I wish you swwet dreams and that you don’t have ball-shapped intruders on your groin area.

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