A Myanmar Teen Was Killed By Myanmar Military Landmine

A teenager of ethnic Chinese descent was killed by a landmine near Mindat, Chin State, recently, according to the Mindat Emergency Response Team (MERT).
Salai Shae Om, 13, triggered a junta landmine while going to farm with his family in northern Mindat Township recently.
Landmines were reportedly planted near the village by Junta troops after a firefight with Mindat’s People Defense Force caused heavy casualties for security forces on June 6, 2021.
“The boy died on the spot,” a MERT member recently told the press. 
According to villagers, three other young people were killed by junta landmines near Bukun village late May after fighting with Mindat’s civilian resistance.
Since an April ceasefire broke down on May 12, 2021, Mindat has seen a series of intense firefights between junta forces and the resistance.
Mindat was raided by the military regime on May 15, 2021, leading to 90 percent of its inhabitants fleeing. Around 20,000 civilians are sheltering in 80 villages near Mindat.
In the past week, several villages have been the site of shootouts between junta troops and civilian resistance fighters who fled Mindat.
On June 19, 2021, both sides agreed to a 14-day ceasefire.
Despite the ceasefire, only about 30 percent of the displaced have returned to their homes in Mindat.
The MERT official said that the regime should remove its landmines during the ceasefire and inform people where they are.

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