Thai Tourism Authority Thinks 1,500 People Are Coming After July 1st Due To COVID-19 Sandbox Plan

Thailand’s Tourism Authority announced that 1,500 people are expected to arrive on July 1 for the opening of the much-maligned Phuket Sandbox. The governor of TAT said that 1,500 tickets have been booked for international flights to arrive in Phuket on the first day of reopening.
During the celebrations, the island intends to welcome back the first arrivals in over a year and a half. A total of 200 members of the media and international agencies have been invited to take part in the Phuket reopening.
To boost domestic tourism, promotions will also be launched to lure fully vaccinated Thais to the holiday island. TAT is partnering with a variety of tourism agencies and the Council and Chamber of Commerce of Thailand to create special programs to encourage vaccinated Thais to visit Phuket. Phuket is launching a tourism promotion called “Hug Thai, Chai Thai, Hug Travel”.
With 1,500 attendees, the kickoff is a promising start that will gradually grow through the end of the third quarter at the end of September. The government has now set a goal for 100,000 international tourists to arrive in Phuket between July 1 and September 30. The hope is that this will generate some tourism revenue, certainly more than the island province has seen since the Covid-19 pandemic started.
There are still hurdles to be overcome before the Phuket Sandbox reopens. As a result of the travel restrictions for the first 14 days of international arrivals, the province is setting up a tourist tracking center. Owners of bars and entertainment venues on the island are angry and are rallying to reopen when tourists return. There has been little assistance to local businesses, and there is little nightlife or even a nightcap for tourists that arrive.
The TAT also addressed the infection rate in Phuket at the moment, saying that it is in the single digits daily and asking for the public’s trust. The government claims to control and manage infection with strict safety measures and the SHA Plus certification program that ensures businesses follow the rules.

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