Opposition Are Killing People Who Work For The Myanmar Military

Yangon’s Hlaing Township lost an alleged informant recently and at least six young people who posted photos of the crime scene were arrested, residents say.
Kyaw Aye, whose tea shop was reportedly used by members of Ma Ba Tha to gather, was fatally wounded in Ward 13 at close range after being shot in the chest by an unknown gunman. 
According to a resident, he was on his way to the teashop when the attack occurred, and he died on the spot. 
“We heard the sound of gunfire,” she said. “When we went outside there was no one there anymore.”
After the incident, twenty soldiers came to the ward and arrested three women and three men who had taken pictures of the aftermath.
Hla Win, the military-appointed administrator in the ward, went into hiding late last month, leaving the neighborhood without an administrator.
The resident who heard the gunshot described Kyaw Aye as an informant who worked with Hla Win to arrest over 20 anti-coup protesters. 
The killing is the latest in a series of assassinations targeting pro-regime officials across the country. Ward administrators are often targets because they are part of the regime’s surveillance network. 
In Yangon alone, nine administrators have been killed.

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