Another COVID-19 Vaccine Has Been Approved To Be Used in Thailand

Chulabhorn Royal Academy (CRA) ordered 1 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from Sinopharm as an alternative to currently available options; this lot, which was shipped from China, has passed a quality control test.

Dr. Supakit Sirilak, director-general of the Department of Medical Sciences, said on Wednesday that the first batch of Sinopharm vaccine arrived in Thailand on June 20 and the department has taken samples for quality and safety checks.

The regulation stipulates that all vaccines must be tested by the department before they are released for public use.

The CRA has purchased alternative vaccines for the private sector and local administrative organizations.

Lab tests on the vaccine were performed to ensure its safety, along with its physical and chemical appearance, to ensure they met standards set by the Food and Drug Administration.

According to his findings, the batch of vaccines passed the test in our laboratory. The certificate has already been issued so that it can be distributed.

On its Facebook page, the CRA announced that 6,437 companies and organizations will receive vaccines by August at the latest.

He said the first lot of Sinopharm vaccines will be available to recipients who registered from June 14 to 15, while the CRA’s committees will allocate the rest of the vaccines once the CRA knows how much pharmaceuticals will be imported.

Withoon Danwiboon, the managing director of Government Pharmaceutical Organization (GPO) said the GPO acts as a facilitator between Zuellig Pharma Ltd, which is a supplier of Moderna vaccine in Thailand, and private hospitals here.

Thus, the GPO is drafting vaccine purchase agreements between the company and the GPO, which could be signed by early August.

Zuellig Pharma will begin to distribute vaccines to the GPO after signing the agreements.

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