Square Enix Creates A Patch For Marvel’s Avengers Game To Stop IP Addresses Being Exposed

Square Enix recently released a patch for Marvel’s Avengers that exposed PlayStation 5 players’ IP addresses on their screens, a problem for anyone who streamed the game or used the system’s screenshot sharing features.
Players and journalists shared screenshots of the issue on Twitter.
As players and journalists began noticing the issue, Square Enix announced on the game’s official Twitter account that it was investigating the issue where floating text appears on the screen.
Almost two hours later, it confirmed the news and warned that users would need to wait for a fix.
They are testing a solution to the issue of personal information, such as the IP address and username of players, being displayed on screen on PS5, and will deploy a hotfix soon.
Since sensitive information may be displayed, players should refrain from streaming or posting screenshots until then.


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