Game BIts: DOTA 2 Tournament May Have To Change Venue, BIG Esports Gets Funding, Esports Summit Discusses Peacekeepr Elite in China

DOTA 2 Tournament May Have to Change Location

The biggest Dota 2 tournament may have to be relocated due to challenges associated with acquiring visas for players and staff.

According to the statement, the Swedish Sports Federation recently voted not to accept esports, preventing The International from receiving visa exemptions. Multiple appeals of this decision and other measures including asking the country’s Minister of the Interior to reclassify the event have all been denied.

To date, Valve has begun exploring alternative locations in Europe to host the event, and qualifiers will continue as scheduled.

COVID-19 has forced the postponement of the International due to the disease pandemic. This event will be held from Aug. 10-15 in Stockholm, Valve announced last month.

BIG Esports Gers Funding From Australian Government

BIG Esports, based in Melbourne, Australia, along with Wyndham Tech School announced Monday that they have received funding approval from Australia’s Department of Education and Training Victoria to develop and deploy an esports-centered pilot program for high school students.

It will start in Term 4 of 2021 with one class of Year 9 (14-15-year-old) students and run for about nine weeks. In this course, students will learn what it takes to run an esports competition, with emphasis on establishing a business, sponsorship proposals, esports industry knowledge, branding, event operations, influencer marketing, internet security, and more.

Tencent Esports Global Summit Discusses Plans for Peacekeeper Elite in China

On the main stage of the Tencent Esports Global Summit, Leo Liao, president of Peace Elite League (PEL) and marketing director of Tencent Interactive Entertainment Group, discussed the company’s esports plans for Peacekeeper Elite in China.

League of Legends, Honor of Kings, and Peacekeeper Elite are three of Tencent’s major esports titles with franchise leagues, but Peacekeeper Elite is its only non-MOBA mobile title.

“PEL has never hosted a traditional [franchise] esports competition as a reference, and we’re trying to do things differently at every step,” said Liao.

During his presentation, Liao highlighted the achievements of PEL, China’s top Peacekeeper Elite competition. OPPO, Warhorse, Buick, Snapdragon, JingDong Esports, dairy brand Suansuanru, and chewing gum Stride currently sponsor the competition. It also broke 13B in viewership for esports content in H1 2021, a 100% increase over last year. LGD Gaming signed Peacekeeper Elite player Mi “Cheng C” Jiacheng for 12M RMB ($1.85M USD). The transfer price became the new record in the history of the game.

Peacekeeper Elite World Championship (PEC) will be held in Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Arena on July 31, 2021, according to Liao. PEC will have only one team per region. There will also be a total prize pool of 12 million ($1.85 million), of which 5 million ($770 000) will be the premier prize and 2 million ($310 000) will be awarded to teams that compete aggressively and eliminate opponents during Battle Royale matches.

Liao also stated that the ecosystem will also target the grassroots by hosting competitions in multiple Chinese cities and universities. Tencent will host the Peacekeeper Elite City Championship in Qingdao on Aug.14-15, 2021.

Liao also revealed that Tencent will host the Peacekeeper Elite Streamer Invitational (PSI) on July 18 in Wuzhen, China. Streamers from across Asia will be invited to the event. Wuzhen is notable in China because it hosts the annual World International Conference since 2014. On July 31, 2021, Liao said more esports plans will be announced during the PEC.

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