The Thai PM Promises To Reopen Thailand In October

In the half week following PM Prayut Chan-o-cha’s announcement that Thailand will reopen in 120 days, mid-October, 2021 a variety of plans are underway to prepare the country for its reopening. The prime minister issued an online statement tonight calling for unity, calling on people and government offices to work together on this massive undertaking.
Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha reiterated his call for Thailand’s reopening, explaining that the 120 days is not an exact countdown, but a preparation period for provinces to prepare for reopening. One of the biggest factors is the need to vaccinate 70% of the province’s population before it opens.
By October 2021, the government expects to have given at least one dose of Covid-19 to 50 million people, allowing the reopening to continue. Covid-19 outbreaks or failure to meet this goal could delay or cancel the reopening scheme.
However, the prime minister stated that Thai people are struggling to get by and that every week counts as we push toward reopening. In this regard, he is requesting that all departments in the federal and local government work at their maximum capacity to achieve the shared national goal.
PM Prayut believes that the reopening can be achieved, but some setbacks are expected along the way. Thai people are encouraged not to be discouraged, and to keep working together and pushing forward to get international tourism back on track in Thailand.
In the meantime, there may be problems affecting our work, whether it be deliveries of vaccines, new Covid-19 mutations [sic], or anything else. We must all work hard to achieve our goals.”
According to the prime minister, the reopening process will be staged, with Phuket opening first in 10 days, followed by Koh Samui and its neighbours on July 15. Krabi, Buriram, and Pattaya are scheduled to open in August 2021, while Chiang Mai, Buriram, and Phuket are scheduled to open in September, although Pattaya plans to open in August 2021. Bangkok, Hua Hin, and any other Thai province that is ready will open by October 2021.

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