Personal Bit: My Thai Medical Stories, Part 2

At one point, I was walking down the street when I failed to notice a motorcycle in front of me. I tripped over one of the wheels and fell.
When I arose, my lower right leg was pretty messed up. Moreover, I was annoyed that a person had left his motorcycle in such a way that I would trip over it. I screamed, attracting the attention of nearby people, and kicked the motorcycle.
I went home.
My right leg grew swollen after a couple of days, but somehow, I made it to school.
One of the Thai teachers noticed that I was limping and in a lot of pain as I was teaching.
When I showed her my leg, she suggested I get it bandaged at the nearby health center. Then she suggested I go to the hospital.
Two staff members from my agency helped me get through the bureaucracy while I was waiting in line.
Then I found myself in another room, filled with sick patients coughing, spitting ugly liquids into bedpans, and trying to stay alive.
I refused to change in the morning. Hospital clothes did not appeal to me. It is true that I did not behave well, but I was unhappy after my previous experience at a Thai hospital.
Eventually, I calmed down and put on my hospital clothes.
One of the Thai teachers from the school visited me that day and lectured me about my behavior. School officials had no doubt heard about my behavior from the hospital.
Another day, two police officers came to my home and questioned me about my trip. The police hoped that I could identify the motorcycle, but I was unable to do so. The number of the license plate escaped me. I only thought when you had car accidents that you had to talk about it with the police.
After being discharged from the hospital, I had to return to the hospital to re-bandage my leg for another week.
During that week, I was fired by the school because they were not pleased with my behavior in the hospital wing, even though I personally apologized to the hospital staff.
Throughout the remainder of the term, I served as a substitute teacher for the agency.
In Thailand, you can be fired for behavior outside of the classroom and during free time.

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