Thai Bits: The Thai PM To Travel To Phuket To Inspect COVID-19 Sandbox Plan, Expats In Phuket and Outside of Phuket Can Get Vaccine Without A Work Permit

The Thai PM Visiting Phuket To Inspect Sandbox Plan

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Prayut Chan-o-cha, is set to travel to Phuket and determine its readiness to reopen for the proposed reopening on July 1. This news comes from a report in Thai media.

The report says Prayut and other ministers will go to Phuket next Friday. When he gets to the island, Prayut and his cohorts will “inspect” the full rehearsal by staff and officials at the international terminal of the airport. They will be inspecting how the airport processes international tourists who “will arrive” through the Phuket Tourism Sandbox scheme.

From there, the group will go to Angsana Laguna Phuket. They will inspect the mass vaccination program going on. They will also have a meeting with local officials about the July 1 reopening.

Later on, the PM and his entourage will go to Ao Por Pier in Pa Khlok. There, they will conduct inspections on how tourists will be checked in as they arrive by boat.

When his inspection heavy day is complete, the PM and his group will fly back to Bangkok.

Tomorrow, the PM will chair a meeting of the CCSA. They will discuss and decide on the minutiae of the conditions of entry for tourists vis a vis the Phuket Sandbox. They will also discuss easing restriction in Bangkok. They did not state whether that would include letting the beer taps run freely again in bars.

Furthermore, the report also did not mention whether tourists would have to wear location tracking wristbands like they were convicted criminals on house arrest/vacation.

The final draft of the Sandbox scheme goes to the Cabinet for approval next Tuesday.

Expats in Phuket and Outside Phuket Can Get COVID-19 Vaccine Without A Work Permit

Expats living in Phuket, who do not have a work permit, can now register for a Covid-19 vaccine. Under the local vaccine registration website,, there are now links for foreigners with work permits and foreigners without work permits to apply for a vaccine. Of course, with the ever-faulty websites run by the Thai government, we had to give it a try and the links work, both on a computer and on a smartphone.

For expats outside of Phuket, you might have to wait. Appointments are full for foreign residents, according to the vaccine registration website, which is run by the Department of Disease Control. Earlier this week, the website had a data leak due to a “temporary glitch” while the site was undergoing “urgent” maintenance to keep up with the high demand for a vaccine appointment. Other people’s names, passport numbers and locations would appear under “user information” when people tried to get in the queue for an appointment.

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