Thai Public Health Ministry: More COVID-19 Vaccine On The Way Should Make Vaccine Plan Better

An additional 1.6 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine will be delivered this week as the Public Health Ministry promises more efficient distribution in the future.
In addition, the ministry referred 1,000 elderly and those with underlying illnesses whose jabbing appointments at Bangkok hospitals were postponed due to a supply shortage for vaccinations at Bang Sue Grand Station on Wednesday.
Anutin Charnvirakul, the public health minister, said the ministry received 600,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Wednesday and another one million doses will arrive tomorrow.
On Wednesday, Mr. Anutin visited Bang Sue and met people who registered using the Mor Prom app but had been turned away by hospitals due to a shortage of vaccines.
They were referred to Bang Sue by the ministry, and 1,000 of them received their first vaccinations there on June 16, 2021. 
“We want to relieve the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) of its burden,” Mr. Anutin explained. In terms of the vaccine rollout, we [the ministry and the BMA] are not at odds.”
Earlier, the minister said that vaccine supplies were adequate and he suspected that the suspension of vaccinations at Bangkok hospitals was due to problems allocating the stock.
Elderly people and those with underlying illnesses are particularly vulnerable to the virus and should be vaccinated immediately.
Despite the fact that such priority groups had had their appointments deferred, he thanked the Department of Disease Control and the Department of Medical Services for discussing changes in vaccination venues.
In one day, Bang Sue Grand Station can vaccinate 2,000 elderly people and those with underlying illnesses, according to the Public Health Ministry.
Anutin said the goal was to finish vaccinations for those two groups by the end of next month. In Bangkok, about 450,000 people have secured appointments through the Mor Prom app.
Mr. Anutin promised that once the additional 1.6 million doses arrive, they will be distributed across the country with the two groups receiving the first doses.
Covid-19 is highly prevalent in Bangkok, so a large proportion of the vaccine will be sent there.
He denied that large quantities of AstraZeneca vaccine were being diverted to Buri Ram, where he represents.
“I know someone is watching me.”. Having done something so foolish would have been [politically] suicidal,” he admitted. As public health minister, he was responsible only for directing policy, not assigning vaccine quotas to provinces.
The Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin reported that 254,631 social security members have been inoculated in Bangkok since the vaccination campaign began on June 7. 2021

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