Thai Bits: Phuket Revives Amazing Thailand Plan, Thailand Airways Will Have Flights To and From Europe To Phuket

Phuket Government Is Reviving An Amazing Thailand Plan

According to the Phuket government, businesses can now flaunt their relative vaccination status to customers if they have a certificate with a literal plus.
Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration aka SHA offers the SHA Plus certification through an online application.
All businesses and venues that are 70% inoculated were urged to sign up for the certificate.
In a report, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) praised the program, saying: “The website uses digital technology to establish a smart data system that tracks the vaccination records of staff at each business.”
It can analyse the large amount of aggregate data and provide insights as to which establishment already has at least 70% of staff inoculated and can be awarded the ‘SHA Plus’
These Amazing Thailand SHA-certified establishments are encouraged to apply for the ‘SHA Plus’ Certificate. This is because one of the proposed conditions under the Phuket Sandbox model is that fully vaccinated foreign visitors are required to stay in a ‘SHA Plus’ accommodation and must show proof of the booking at such establishments when applying for the ‘Certificate of Entry’ or COE.
Further information on the initiative can be found here:
You may remember when Amazing Thailand launched its SHA in May 2020.

Thailand Airways Announces That It Will Have Flights To and From Europe After July 1 2021

As several airlines in the Middle East announce reopenings of flights to Phuket on July 1, 2021 Thai Airways has finally announced plans to fly into and out of Phuket from Europe. Airlines are scheduling flights as the Phuket Sandbox plan nears official approval. Starting July 2, 2021, Thai Airways will offer direct flights from five European cities.
The airline announced on its Facebook page that Thai Airways will operate flights to Phuket from London, Paris, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, and Zurich. From July 2, 2021, Thai Airways is also planning to fly from Hong Kong to Phuket.
The Phuket-London route may face difficulties if Nick Thomas-Symonds has his way, as the Shadow Home Secretary of the United Kingdom has called for Thailand to be added to the Red List, which would make it illegal for Thai citizens to enter the U.K.
Thailand Airways’ flights will coincide with the opening of Phuket’s sandbox to fully vaccinated international tourists, which has recently passed the first step of the government’s review process. Cabinet is expected to approve the plan tomorrow, after which it will be published in the Royal Gazette, making it officially approved.
Despite the reopening having many advantages, such as transit via Bangkok and clarifying the rules for children traveling, the main caveat that prompted criticism is the extension of the stay from 7 days to 14 days that arrivals must stay on Phuket. Tourists will be allowed to wander free from a full quarantine, but they will be forbidden from leaving the island, even on popular day excursions to nearby islands.
Recent announcements of Phuket flight schedules by several airlines follow Thai Airways’ announcement. Qatar Airways announced first, with four scheduled flights a week. Emirates Airways and Etihad Airlines followed suit the next day, each offering three flights a week. Phuket will only be on KLM’s flight schedules starting in October, which was a bit more hesitant.

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