Facebook Adds Unit 2 Games To Its Growing Gaming Company Collection

Crayta, free-to-play game creation, and sharing tool was developed by Unit 2 Games, which Facebook acquired today.
According to the social network, the addition will increase the number of gaming content creators.
This will make the Facebook Gaming platform more accessible to people who create, publish, and share games and experiences.
Vivek Sharma, vice president of Facebook Gaming, said, “We can now make content creation easier than ever by bringing together our team and Unit 2 Games’ technology.”
Future Facebook users will be able to create experiences in a matter of minutes without having to learn to code, and advanced creators will be limited only by their imagination.
Unit 2 Games stated that there would be no layoffs since the company is staying together.
Unit 2 Games’ vision with Crayta was to democratize game creation, empowering more people than ever before to make, play and share games, regardless of experience or background.

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