SEGA Is Planning To Revive Its Global Theme Park Business

SEGA has never had it better in a way. Its iconic mascot is not only a movie star, but it is also a powerful force in the video game industry. In contrast, Badnik Mechanic, a Sonic YouTuber, claims that SEGA desires to expand into theme parks.

SEGA plans to revive its global theme park business, according to reports. In a video discussing SEGA’s potential business plans, Badnik Mechanic reveals that the publisher has a memorandum of understanding (non-legal agreement) with Eidos.

An agreement appears to relate to a business venture that aims to launch theme parks in the United Kingdom, Europe, and North America.

In the ’90s, SEGA operated a chain of SEGA World theme parks. Although SEGA World still exists in Japan, its international chains have been short-lived. SEGA world is therefore exclusive to Japan at the moment, and focuses on virtual reality.

According to a report by CA Technology, described in Badnik Mechanic’s video, the group plans to develop CA SEGA JOYPOLIS in different countries with several partners in the PRC and abroad. According to the report, the group expects to select a new location in the UK “within approximately half a year.”. By the end of 2021, SEGA could announce a new theme park in the UK.

While SEGA is definitely working on something theme park-related, it is not exactly clear what the final outcome will be. SEGA may be hoping to create an experience similar to Super Nintendo World, but there’s no indication that the park will be themed around video game franchises so far. 

SEGA will hopefully reveal more about its theme park plans within the next few  months. Although the pandemic has affected the amusement park industry overall, SEGA may see success within the industry as global restrictions  begin to ease.

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